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Kinesiology Graduate Admissions

Our graduate programs in Kinesiology combine advanced courses with the option of an intensive research experience.

Department research facilities are well equipped, and faculty and graduate students have access to other specialized research facilities across campus. Faculty and graduate student research is supported by funding from the state and federal government, research foundations, professional organizations, and private industry.

Admissions Deadlines

Fall Admissions

For full consideration of admission for the fall semester, please submit all materials by December 1st. If you are considering submitting an application AFTER December 1st, it is recommended that you contact the Graduate Program Manager to ensure that the Department of Kinesiology is still accepting applications for the semester. 

Spring Admissions

The Department of Kinesiology accepts applications for spring semester admission on a case-by-case basis with a rolling deadline of September 1st. Please contact the Graduate Program Manager before applying to ensure that your application will be considered for the Spring term.

Comparing Degrees

Applied Exercise Science
Master’s Program

The Applied Exercise Science MS track is designed for students who are interested in graduate-level training in Kinesiology, but who are not necessarily interested in a career doing research in the field. This degree supports an interest in coaching/teaching (team or individual), personal training, or fitness instructions. The degree also supplements the practice of physical therapy, athletic training, other allied health professions, or any individual purpose a student may have. Students can use elective credits, internships, and independent studies to customize their program to meet their needs and future career goals.

Application Instructions

Kinesiology Research-Based
Master’s and PhD Program

The research-based Master’s and PhD program in Kinesiology is designed to provide a foundation for future studies or research-related careers through advanced coursework and intensive research experiences. Graduates are prepared in a specific area within Kinesiology and are prepared to pursue further graduate training or pursue a research-related career in their chosen field. Students are intensively involved in conducting research throughout their graduate training and present research at regional, national, and international scientific meetings and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Application Instructions

Applicants can direct additional questions to the Kinesiology Graduate Program Manager,
Dr. Erin McGowan, at