The undergraduate program in Kinesiology with three major options:  Exercise and Movement Science, Athletic Training, and Physical Education Teacher Education.

The graduate programs offer both the MS and PhD degrees in specializations and combine advanced coursework with an intensive research experience.


To establish a tradition of excellence in developing independent and critical thinkers through effective instruction and active learning experiences in the theoretical and applied aspects of research in kinesiology. The ultimate goal is to prepare future leaders who meet the needs of society in health, physical activity, exercise and movement.

Degree Options

The Department of Kinesiology offers three Bachelor of Science degree program options:

Students with degrees in Kinesiology often pursue graduate study in Kinesiology, pursue further professional  training in the applied health scieneces, or explore graduate studies in a wide variety of fields in biological science, sociological science, engineering and education.

The Department of Kinesiology also offers courses that focus on activity and welllness as well as programming in Adapted Fitness and Personal Training.


Current Students

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find additional information. These topics are for students who are currently enrolled as Kinesiology Majors.

Exercise and Movement Science students can review how the enrollment process works, and site descriptions on our Practicum Information page.

Prospective Students
If you are a new student, pre-kines major, or non major looking for additional information, please review our degree options above, or contact our advising office.  The application process is handled solely by the School of Education.  Information on applying to our program and application materials can be found on their Apply to a Program page.


Training in the Department of Kinesiology

The Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a rich history as a pioneer in graduate training and research in exercise, movement and physical activity.  Here we offer students the opportunity to study movement, activity and occupation at a variety of levels. We offer both the MS and PhD degrees in specializations that reflect the breadth of the field of Kinesiology: Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Psychology, Motor Control & Behavior, Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Activity Epidemiology, and Occupational Science. A thesis or dissertation, reflecting the student’s research, is required in these specialty areas (except OT). We also offer a “non-thesis” track of the MS in Kinesiology, a degree that involves advanced coursework in the traditional disciplines within the field but does not require a thesis.  Financial support may be available in the form of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships.  We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the Graduate Program in Kinesiology at UW-Madison.