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My research investigates caregivers’ and students’ participation in daily activity as related to levels of well-being. Using mixed-method designs that combine survey and qualitative interviews, current projects examined: the dimensionality of well-being of caregivers of children with disabilities (life satisfaction versus thriving); varying spiritual beliefs about time-use in caregiving associated with higher and lower levels of well-being; the construction of daily routines to manage participation of a children with autism; characteristics of stressful caregiving episodes; and caregiver’s opportunities for restorative activities to bolster well-being such as daily leisure. In addition a second research strand investigates perceived temporality and stress experienced by college students in daily activities related to their experience of challenge, skill, and interest in the activity.  Current research is focusing on changes in caregiver’s well-being over time as they adapt and develop caregiving strategies. This project combines biological and qualitative measures assessing well-being using biomarkers, surveys and participant’s descriptions of their daily lives.

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Elizabeth Larson, Ph.D., OTR

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Southern California

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