Forms and Applications

Fellowship Application
Support for a full-time graduate student in a doctoral program at the UW-Madison. Preference will be given to students in the School of Education. A major criterion for selection will be the potential research contribution of the candidate(s) to the area of women’s physical education, movement, activity and the female body in culture. Detailed Information

Research Grant Application
Seed funding for creative new research and scholarship activities related to women’s physical education, movement and the female body in culture. Committee priorities include assisting junior faculty in establishing and strengthening their research program, providing pilot funding, and projects that support graduate student involvement.

Student/Sport Club Grant Application
Women must make up half of the total population for the club or organization to be awarded funding. Funding for uniforms, equipment, or other expenses that will benefit the long-term involvement of women and viability of the club. Items that are reusable and stay with the club are more likely to be funded than those that support individuals.

New Course Development Funding Application
Seed funding for the development and pilot of new courses related to women’s physical education, movement, and the female body in culture.

Special Project & Visiting Scholar Funding Application
Funding for support of limited term events, lectures, and other special projects in which the primary focus is “dedicated to the pursuit of women’s lifelong learning skills in the areas of physical education, including knowledge and appreciation of women’s movement and the female body in culture”.
Detailed Information.