VIRGINIA HORNE HENRY FUND For Women’s Physical Education and Movement

The goal of this committee is to help the School of Education and the University of Wisconsin-Madison develop a margin of excellence in women’s physical education by creating a campus resource dedicated to the pursuit of women’s lifelong learning skills in the areas of physical education, including knowledge and appreciation of women’s movement and the female body in culture.

A generous bequest from Patrick Henry, honoring his wife, Virginia Horne Henry, has made this funding program possible. Virginia Horne Henry received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the UW-Madison. After graduation, she taught swimming, tumbling, and physical education at the UW. She also taught at Wellesley College and the University of Illinois. She was the author of “Stunts and Tumbling for Girls: A Text for High Schools and Colleges.” In her book, she described the objectives and values of Women’s Physical Education to be the process of gaining knowledge and understanding of the human body and its range of motion, the appreciation of the human body, the development of such qualities as creativity, courage, self-confidence, and perseverance, and “an appreciation for the recreational values of physical accomplishments”.

Administered through the School of Education, the Fund is used to support an annual competition for activities related to women’s physical education and movement and Distinguished Graduate Fellowship(s).

Virginia Horne Henry Grant Competition Information


Fellowship and Grant Application Forms

Application questions may be directed to Stephanie Trigsted or 608-262-8730. Questions regarding proposal content or the awards process may be directed to Jill Barnes or 608-262-1654, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Virginia Horne Henry Committee, School of Education.