Motor Behavior Laboratory – Our Facility

Equipment in the Human Motor Behavior Laboratory


Motion Capture System

Human movement information is collected using two Visualeyez 3000 (PTI Phoenix) camera systems. These systems record the three-dimensional coordinates of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) attached to landmarks of interest on subjects and objects as various experimental tasks are performed. Highly accurate (precision = ~0.8 mm) 3D data can be collected at frequencies of up to 3000 frames/second, depending on the number of LEDs in use. For the purpose of motor behavior research, 3-18 LEDs are used and the collection frequency is generally set between 120-200 Hz.

Nano 17 Force Transducer



Grip Force DataGrip Force Data



Force/Torque Transducers

As people manipulate objects, two Nano 17 (ATI) force/torque transducers are used to measure grasp forces at frequencies of 1000 Hz. The grasp force data can be synchronized with the 3-D motion data to provide a more complete picture of these manipulative activities.

Nano 17 Force Transducer                       Grip Force Data



Data Analysis Package

We have created a software package (KinSys) for 3-D kinematic data analysis, visualization and management. This software allows us to extract relevant information from the large datasets of kinematic and grip force data generated during data collection in order to distill the effects of sensory information on movement. The software is currently capable of reading data from two leading motion capture systems (Optotrak and Visualeyez) and the functionality of the system continues to be updated based on our needs.