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Overview of Level II Fieldwork

The completion of the equivalent of 24 weeks of full-time Level II fieldwork (FW) is required to become a registered occupational therapist. It is required by both the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) and the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT). At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all other course work must be completed before students are allowed to begin Level II fieldwork. Students earn a M.S. in Occupational Therapy after successful completion of required Level II fieldwork. This means that the graduation date for most students is in December following the completion of their second FW placement, or, for students who complete Level II fieldwork later than mid-December, in May or August of the following year depending on when they complete all required Level-II fieldwork. There are only three graduation dates per year at UW-Madison, May, August, and December.

Students are eligible to take the national certification exam given by NBCOT only after successfully completing all requirements for graduation including all required Level-II fieldwork.

The following resource information is also included in the current UW-Madison FW Manual.

  • Fieldwork Contacts
  • Fieldwork Dates
  • Policies Related to FW
  • Midterm Evaluations
  • Materials Provided to Fieldwork Sites
  • Forms needed for Fieldwork
  • Curriculum (overview of curriculum design, sequence of classes and course descriptions)

Fieldwork Contacts


Josh Brown, OTD, OTR/L
2165 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706


Danielle Seib
2130 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

The information presented below is taken from the student fieldwork manual.

Fieldwork Dates


  • June 27 – September 16
  • September 26 – December 16


  • July 2 – September 21
  • September 24 – December 14


  • July 1 – September 20
  • September 30 – December 20


  • June 30 – September 19
  • September 29 – December 19


  • June 29 – September 18
  • September 28 – December 18


  • June 27 – September 16
  • September 26 – December 16

Policies Related to Fieldwork

  • Level II Fieldwork may be completed on a part-time basis as defined by the Fieldwork Placement in accordance with the Fieldwork Placement’s usual and customary personnel policies as long as it is at least 50% of a Full-time Equivalent at that site.
  • Level II Fieldwork must be completed prior to receiving your degree and taking the NBCOT Certification Exam. Both Level II Fieldwork experiences must be completed within 24 months of completion of coursework.


Students receive six (6) credits for each of the required Level II fieldwork courses completed successfully. Grades are reported as either credit (CR) or no credit (N). Credit indicates passing the fieldwork, no credit indicates failure of fieldwork. In order to receive a grade of credit, students must receive a score of three (3) or better on the first three items on the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation and achieve a total score equal to or greater than the AOTA listed minimal passing score printed on the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation. To avoid a grade of “incomplete,” evaluations must be mailed promptly after completing fieldwork.


UW-Madison Occupational Therapy Program The following general objectives apply to all fieldwork experiences developed to be consistent with the conceptual core and curriculum design of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Level II Fieldwork experiences will include the application of knowledge of:

  • the science of occupation
  • professional ethics
  • effective therapeutic relationships
  • group process
  • the contexts of service delivery
  • principles of management and systems

Students will be expected to provide evidence-based interventions that promote the participation of individuals in meaningful and culturally relevant occupations within lived contexts. In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage in research-related activities and participate in the education of others about the practice of occupational therapy. The term, “client,” may refer to an individual, a group, or a population of individuals. Upon completion of Level II Fieldwork experience, the student will demonstrate the following in accordance with the standards established by the fieldwork center:

  • Competency in evaluation procedures designed to identify problems related to a client’s satisfactory participation in meaningful occupations in lived contexts
    • Appropriately select and utilize observation, interview, and data from other assessments routinely used by the fieldwork center
    • Accurately record evaluation results
  • Ability to accurately interpret evaluation data and use that information in developing appropriate goals and intervention plans that (1) incorporate current knowledge about occupation, (2) are occupation-based, (3) are consistent with evidence of best practice, and (4) respect client priorities
    • Identify and define problems related to participation in occupations in ways that are relevant and meaningful to clients
    • Develop specific therapy objectives that reflect a client’s occupational priorities
    • Collaborate with clients and their caregivers and teachers in developing therapy intervention plans
    • Articulate the clinical reasoning behind the selection of interventions used
  • Proficiency in implementing interventions
    • Establish and maintain a collaborative therapeutic relationship with clients
    • Make program changes in response to changes in client needs
    • Collaborate with other staff, including OTAs, in implementing interventions
    • Set appropriate limits to a client’s undesirable behaviors
    • Accurately evaluate effectiveness of interventions
    • Collaborate on follow-up programs in accordance with a client’s priorities and discharge environment
  • Effective communication with others
    • Interact effectively with clients, colleagues, other professionals, and community members from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds on a one-on-one basis and within the context of groups
    • Communicate effectively with varied audiences for varied purposes
  • Acquisition of professional behaviors
    • Demonstrate appropriate professional conduct
    • Adhere strictly to all confidentiality standards and protocols
    • Represent the occupational therapy profession accurately and effectively
    • Seek out and make use of feedback from others o Provide effective feedback to others
    • Accept responsibility for own actions and the outcomes of those actions
    • Fulfill commitments o Differentiate facts from illusions and assumptions
    • Demonstrate a broad sense of professional responsibility to the community and social and health care issues
    • Contribute to selected management functions
    • Participate in selected research-related activities
    • Contribute to the understanding of others about occupational therapy

Midterm Evaluation

The Fieldwork Performance Evaluation provides space for scoring your performance midway (approx. 6 weeks) through your fieldwork. We require that this mid-term evaluation be completed, though it is not necessary to send us this written report at midterm.

The evaluation given at midterm is NOT to be viewed as any kind of commitment for passing scores at the time of your final evaluation. Even if your performance is considered satisfactory at midterm, you may find that you run into difficulties after that. This can happen because typically after midterm, the pace of fieldwork increases and, at the same time, performance expectations are also increased.

  • Please contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator if you have any concerns about your midterm evaluation. Your fieldwork supervisor has also been urged to contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator if it appears that you may have difficulty successfully completing your fieldwork.

Materials Provided to Fieldwork Sites

  • A packet of information is sent to each fieldwork site for each student. These packets are sent about 6-8 weeks prior to your arrival. Each packet includes your Personal Data Sheet along with all necessary evaluation forms and a letter explaining UW-Madison requirements. Packets are mailed to the Clinical Fieldwork Coordinators. Note: Your direct supervisor may not be aware that this information has been sent to the facility OR if there has been a change in who you have been assigned to for supervision, this information may not have reached your supervisor yet.
  • One copy of each of the completed final evaluation forms is sent back to UW Madison fieldwork office by the fieldwork site or the student. Please do all you can to ensure that the evaluation forms are returned promptly at the end of your fieldwork placement. The fieldwork site usually retains a photocopy of each of the completed forms for their own records. Be sure that you also keep a copy of each evaluation for your own records.


Overview of Curriculum