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Main Office

School of Education
Unit II Gym
2000 Observatory Dr.
MadisonWI  53706-1121

Tel: 608/262-0259
Fax: 608/262-1656

Email: kines@education.wisc.edu
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Lisa Colbert

Profile Photo

Lisa Colbert

Associate Professor

2035 Gymnasium-Natatorium  binoculars icon
2000 Observatory Dr
Madison, WI 53706-1121
Office: 608/265-5946



MPH, General public health - epidemiology emphasis
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

Ph D, Exercise science - exercise physiology emphasis
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

MS, Physical Education - physiology emphasis
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

BS, Physical Education - athletic training emphasis, Biology, Cum laude
University of Delaware
Newark, DE



Research Interests

Physical activity in the prevention of cancer, benefits of physical activity in the elderly, application of exercise in the clinical cancer population, and measurement of physical activity


  • Gennuso, K.P., Gangnon, R.E., Matthews, C.E., Thraen-Borowski, K.M., & Colbert, L.H. (in press). Sedentary behavior, physical activity, and markers of health in older adults. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.
  • Alosco, M.L., Spitznagel, M.B., Cohen, R., Lawrence, S., Colbert, L.H., Josephson, R., Waechter, D., Hughes, J., Roseneck, J., & Gunstad, J. Cognitive impairment is independently associated with reduced instrumental activities of daily living in persons with heart failure. Unpublished Manuscript, University of Wisconsin, Madison. 27(1), 44-50.
  • Ellingson, L.D., Colbert, L.H., & Cook, D.B. (in press). Physical activity is related to pain sensitivity in healthy women. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
  • Julius, B.R., Ward, B.A., Stein, J.H., McBride, P.E., Fiore, M.C., Baker, T.B., Nieto, F.J., & Colbert, L.H. (2011). Ambulatory activity and associations with cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in smokers. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 8, 994-1003.
  • McLoughlin, M.J., Colbert, L.H., & Cook, D.B. (in press). Are women with fibromyalgia less physically active than healthy women? Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 43(5), 905-912.
  • Colbert, L.H., Matthews, C.E., Havighurst, T.C., Kim, K., & Schoeller, D.A. (2011). Comparitive validity of physical activity measures in older adults. Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise. 43(5), 867-876.
  • Colbert, L.H., & Schoeller, D.A. (2011). Expending our physical activity (measurement) budget wisely. Journal of Applied Physiology. 11, 606-7.
  • Rogers, C.J., Colbert, L.H., Perkins, S.N., & Hursting, S.D. (2010). Calorie restriction, exercise, and colon cancer prevention: a mechanistic perspective. In A McTiernan (Eds.), Physical Activity, Dietary Calorie Restriction, and Cancer. Springer Publishing.
  • Klepin, H.D., Geiger, A.M., Tooze, J.A., Newman, A.B., Colbert, L.H., Bauer, D.C., Satterfield, S., Pavon, J., & Kritchevsky, S.B. Physical performance and subsequent disability and survival in older adults with malignancy: Results from the Health Aging and Body Composition Study. Unpublished Manuscript, University of Wisconsin, Madison. 58, 76-82.
  • Colbert, L.H., Westerlind, K.C., Perkins, S.N., Haines, D.C., Berrigan, D., Donehower, L.A., Fuchs-Young, R., & Hursting, S.D. (2009). Exercise effects on tumorigenesis in a p53-deficient mouse model of breast cancer. Med Sci Sports Exerc.. 41, 1597-605.
  • Johnson, B.L., Trentham-Dietz, A., Koltyn, K.F., & Colbert, L.H. Physical activity and function in older, long-term colorectal cancer survivors from the state of Wisconsin. Manuscript submitted for publication. 20, 775-84.
  • Alosco, M.L., Spitznagel, M.B., Raz, N., Cohen, R., Sweet, L.H., Colbert, L.H., Josephson, R., Waechter, D., Hughes, J., Rosneck, J., & Gunstad, J. (in press). The 2-minute step test is independently associated with cognitive function in older adults with heart failure. Aging Clin Exp.


  • Ellingson, L.D., Presenter & Author, Colbert, L.H., Author Only, & Cook, D.B., Author Only (2012). Physical Activity is Related to Pain Sensitivity in Healthy Women, Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, San Francisco, California.
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