Kines 116 Course Substitutions


CPR & First Aid Course Substitution

New Policy Effective 6/1/2019

Students who are accepted into the either the Exercise & Movement Science, Athletic Training, or Physical Education programs are eligible to take an outside course to fulfill their program requirement for Kines 116: First Aid & Basic Life Support. Students with PKN or PED classifications MAY NOT request a course substitution until they have been formally accepted into one of the three programs.

Kines 116 provides certification in two areas (Basic Life Support-BLS and First Aid) upon course completion. Students seeking a course substitution MUST be certified in both areas to qualify for the substitution. This is a more advanced certification than was previously required and is not met by most outside courses. Therefore it is imperative that you check with the Undergraduate Office prior to enrolling in a course to ensure that it will count towards the substitution.

· BLS courses MUST contain both adult and pediatric instruction to be considered.

· Certifications without skills testing will NOT be considered.

· Online-only version of courses will NOT be considered.

· Certifications must be CURRENT AND VALID during at least a portion of the student’s time in the department. Certifications that expire during that time are acceptable.

Preferred course substitutions include:

· American Red Cross Basic Life Support with First Aid (optimal)

· American Red Cross Basic Life Support (will require a separate first aid course)

· American Red Cross Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (will require a separate first aid course)

· American Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers (may require a separate first aid course)

· The Kinesiology Department offers in-person instruction each November and April that meets all the certification and course substitution requirements. Information is sent out each semester.

Unacceptable course substitutions include:

· American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED & First Aid (would only fulfill the First Aid requirement)

· American Academy of CPR & First Aid courses

· CPR Madison courses

· American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED

· Online versions of any BLS or First Aid Courses. The Red Cross offers a stand-alone First Aid course, but it is usually only available online.

Steps to Apply for a course substitution:

1. Locate an acceptable course(s) and email the link to the Undergraduate Office ( for review BEFORE you enroll. Someone will verify that the course is acceptable or not.

2. If you have any questions about a course that you may have already taken, please contact the Undergraduate Office to have the course reviewed.

3. Upon course completion, please email a PDF of the front and back of your certification cards to the Undergraduate Office (

4. Both certifications must be submitted in order to submit the course substitution paperwork.

5. Once your certifications are received by the Undergrad office, it will be sent to your advisor and Undergraduate Coordinator for approval, and finally to the School of Education for entry into your DARS. Be aware it can take a few weeks for the paperwork to process and the substitution to appear on your DARS report. Please keep an eye on your DARS for the update and contact the Undergraduate Office if it does not appear after a reasonable amount of time.

General Tips

· Do not assume the Red Cross will send the department your certification. It is your responsibility to obtain the certification cards and submit them to the department.

· Do not wait until the last month of your final semester to complete these courses. This could result in delayed graduation.

· Do not sign up for courses without checking with the Undergraduate Office.

· Do not take take the word of other students that a similar course will be accepted. This may result in wasted time and money.