University of Wisconsin–Madison

Health Minor

The Health minor is only available to Physical Education & Secondary Education majors within the School of Education. Anyone may take the classes, but in order to be eligible to teach Health, students must have an Educational major.

This minor prepares teachers to (1) teach health as a separate course or as a planned integral part of other areas of instruction and (2) assist the school administration and teaching staff in developing a broad school health program. Note: Certification in a major area of interest must accompany the completion of this minor; students cannot be certified to teach only in a minor area.

Students will take a variety of courses in Kinesiology, Curriculum & Instruction.  Breadth requirements allows students to take courses in fields like Nutritional Sciences, Social Work, Environmental Studies, etc.

A complete overview of the courses and requirements can be found on the course guide.

Upon acceptance into their major program in the School of Education, students should meet immediately with the Health Education program advisor: Bonnie Klassy, Also consult with advising staff at Education Academic Services (EAS), Room 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall, 608-262-1651.