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Exercise and Movement Science

The Exercise and Movement Science Option is a pre-professional program. That is, the student is prepared for subsequent graduate or professional training in several fields such as 1) a Masters degree program in Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Motor Behavior, Motor Control/Learning, Motor Development, Exercise Psychology; 2) an entry-level Masters degree program in Physical Therapy; or 3) other health professions including medicine, dentistry, podiatry, physician and chiropractic. For students who take some courses in Education, an entry-level Masters program in Physical Education may also be an option. The student can select elective courses that fulfill the prerequisites demanded of the graduate or professional area of interest. Acceptance to graduate or professional schools is dependent on meeting competitive admissions requirements, usually based on undergraduate GPA, GRE or MCAT exams, letters of reference, interviews, etc. For more detailed about career and post-baccalaureate options Click here

The foundation of this program is course work in basic sciences (Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics, including Calculus; Life Sciences, including Animal Biology, Human Physiology, and Human Anatomy; and Psychology) combined with courses from the Department of Kinesiology (including courses in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Psychology, Biomechanics and Motor Learning). In addition, students take courses in the Humanities and Social Studies. Finally, the curriculum includes at least 11 credits in advanced Exercise Science coursework and 15 credits of electives, providing flexibility so that the program can be tailored to the specific needs of the student.

Advising: Education Academic Staff advise students interested in this degree option. Once students are admitted to the program, a departmental advisor handles advising about the major.

Application and Admission:
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