University of Wisconsin–Madison

Non-Thesis Track

Synopsis: All other tracks within the MS in Kinesiology degree are essentially a precursor to PhD-level training, and thus require extensive research experience as part of the degree. The Non-Thesis MS track is designed for students who are interested in graduate-level training in Kinesiology, but who are not necessarily interested in a career doing research in the field. Non-Thesis MS students:  will take graduate-level courses that cover the breadth of the field of Kinesiology;  will take additional electives from Kinesiology or from any departments across campus that the students see as fitting their personal educational goals;  and may complete a final project of their own design as mentored by consenting faculty.

Purpose of MS: The MS in Kinesiology Non-Thesis track is designed to provide broad, graduate-level training in Kinesiology.  Students will take advanced coursework in each of the traditional disciplines within the field and also focus on their individual interests by selecting courses as electives.  A thesis is NOT required in this track.  Students in the Non-Thesis track often express interest in obtaining graduate-level training to support their goal of coaching/teaching in team or individual settings, personal training or fitness instruction, or as a supplement to a practice in physical therapy, athletic training, or some other allied health profession, or for other purposes.  We emphasize here that we don’t intend the non-thesis track to prepare students for eventual PhD study (although it could, depending on the student and the PhD). Students who want a laboratory-based research experience as part of their MS degree, along with experience in academic writing (MS thesis as a  traditional precursor to a PhD dissertation), may wish to consider pursuing their MS degree through one of the other tracks within Kinesiology.

Prerequisites for admission to Non-thesis MS track

Course requirements for MS in Kinesiology non-Thesis track