Julie Stamm comments on PSA from Brett Favre

Julie Stamm was recently interviewed by WPR regarding her response to the new PSA from Brett Favre about waiting until high school to play tackle football.

Repetitive head impacts can have serious impacts on brain development and Julie notes “I think it’s important to make the point that it’s not about not playing football,” she said. “It’s about not tackling when you’re young. You can learn so much about the game playing flag football or TackleBar or other non-contact forms.”

She also says, “Sports have so many incredible benefits for kids and every kid should have the opportunity to play, and it always scares me that this research will encourage parents to pull their kids from sports and that’s not what we want…What we want is just to protect the brain, and we can do both.”

Watch Favres PSA:


Read the full WPR article here: https://www.wpr.org/uw-madison-anatomist-favre-psa-its-not-about-not-playing-football


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