GHSRL Baldwin Seed Project

Congratulations to the Geriatric Health Services Research Lab for securing Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment grant funding! Students in the lab, Alicia Oestreich, Samantha Schwartz, Lesley Thao, and Olivia Condon worked together along with their supervisor to submit their proposal for The Riding in the Moment Project: Preparing Community Partners to Enhance Dementia Quality of Life.

Riding in the Moment is an adapted horseback riding program designed to enhance the quality of life of adults with dementia and their care partners. The program was developed at Hearts & Horses in Colorado in 2011, and they are now working to expand, standardize, and deliver it at therapeutic riding centers here in Wisconsin. The mission of their Baldwin Seed project is to train leadership, staff and volunteers at their partner therapeutic riding centers (BEAMING, Inc. in Neenah, WI and Three Gaits, Inc. in Stoughton, WI) on recommended dementia care practices and the use of the implementation and curriculum manuals that their community-research team has created. They will be delivering the trainings this spring, summer and fall with the help of dementia care specialists in the local areas surrounding the centers!

Check out this short video to learn more about “Riding in the Moment” !