Athletic Training Podcasts with Julie Stamm

Julie Stamm has been featured in two different podcasts in the last couple of months to discuss her career, research, and upcoming book!

Concussion Corner Podcast

Concussion Corner is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jessica Schwartz PT, DPT, CSCS. Earlier this month, Dr. Julie Stamm was invited to discuss repetitive brain trauma in youth sports, her new book, the benefits of sports for kids, and more!

Check out the Concussion Corner podcast here:

Athletic Training Chat Podcast

Athletic Training Chat is a podcast for athletic trainers, by athletic trainers. This podcast is hosted by one of our Kinesiology Department Alumni – Joel Luedke. In February, Julie and Joel produced a podcast together to discuss her career, her book “The Brain on Youth Sports”, and her research on youth concussions and the impact of youth sports in adolescents.

Check out the Athletic Training Chat podcast here:

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