PE Student Teaching in a Pandemic

Cindy Kuhrasch, PETE Program Director, has been receiving a lot of recognition since this pandemic began. She has been acknowledged for her ability to adapt quickly to our new reality and show PE teachers and Families alike that getting active at home can be simple and fun, and provides an opportunity for fun family-bonding. Getting active is more important now than ever!  

Her latest highlight in OnWisconsin recognizes Cindy’s passion for teaching and her ability to tackle the issue of creating teaching experiences for up and coming PE teachers. The final piece of coursework for PETE majors is a semester of student teaching. “It’s the time when they find out, ‘Wow, I can really do this,’ ” says Cindy, so she is making sure they get the best experience possible under these new circumstances. Cindy partnered with St. James Catholic School, whose younger students were returning to their classrooms. When their PE teacher took a leave of absence, Cindy filled the position herself!

Read more about Cindy’s hybrid workplace-experience course, and how the unusual circumstance has created a unique opportunity and shared-experience for her students in OnWisconsin.

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