Join the Early Morning Fitness 2020 (Virtual) Open House!

The Early Morning Fitness Class, a program administered by the Kinesiology Department, is designed for women age 40-and-over.  The program is led by Bonnie Loughran, a highly skilled instructor with extensive experience and expertise teaching fitness classes for women over 40. Anyone who talks with Bonnie can tell how she genuinely cares for the program and the women in it- she is proud of what the program has been able to accomplish and cherishes the connections she is able to make.

The course was first established in 1980 as a part of an osteoporosis prevention study. Although the study ended in 1990, some of the women involved in the study persuaded the organizers to continue. The course has continued to this day as a fee-based outreach program, with some of the original women still in attendance. Bonnie has been coordinating the program and guiding the classes since 2006.

The course focuses on cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and breath control. Participants dance to popular tunes and lift weights, we stretch and balance, all the while focusing on core strength and breath control. They enjoy engaging with Bonnie, the student helpers, and of course each other! When asked, participants have mentioned that it is truly the sense of community gained through the class that keeps them coming back year after year. The vigorous, one-hour workouts are an added benefit that leaves these women feeling fresh and ready for their days.

When the world had to figure out how to transition everything online, Bonnie was worried and didn’t know how the women would react to the change. She knew, however, that what everyone needed most was to maintain healthy habits and a sense of community. It took her a week to create a new model and begin offering classes online. This has provided an excellent way to exercise in the safety of their own homes!

After months of producing fun videos, complete with upbeat music playlists and fun choreography, Bonnie is planning an open house for Early Morning Fitness Online!

If you are a woman aged 40+ who wants to stay fit, engaged, and healthy during this pandemic, you will definitely want to check this flyer for more details! We are certain that you will find this exercise program effective, convenient, and fun!

The Virtual Open House will be held for two weeks between Sunday, October 4th and Saturday, October 17th. If you would like to try the course out free of charge to see if you’re interested to continue participating, please join us during the open house!

If you are interested in joining in for safe and affordable exercise, please contact Bonnie for more information!

We look forward to meeting you!