PE At Home Featured in Madison Magazine

This summer has been full of uncertainties for all of us. Many parents have adjusted to being full time caregivers over the spring and as summer approached, it was unclear if cooped-up families would get the relief that summer youth programs would provide. Many in person programming has been cancelled, however, all is not lost!

Cindy Kuhrasch, PETE program coordinator, has been creating a series of videos titled “PE at Home” which offer families fun activities that they can engage in together from the comfort of their homes. She has encouraged her students to also engage and post their own videos to their Facebook page. Some of these videos have even been repurposed for the Boys&Girls Club of Dane County, where Cindy serves on the board of directors.

“As a parent, I think all we can do is make opportunities available and invite our kids to play with us,” says Cindy.

Physical activity is important to maintain, she says, and not just for the fitness benefits. Staying active develops social and emotional skills, too. Of course, that’s difficult to achieve when self-isolation rules out going to a gym or participating in team sports.

“Kids aren’t unique. We all miss our friends. We all long for social interaction. I think we’re all struggling with anxiety over how long this will last,” she says.

Cindy’s work has been featured in a few articles in the last few months- most recently in Madison Magazine! Check out the article “Life at home with kids during quarantine” by Joel Patenaude here.

Read about her feature in American Kinesiology Association’s Kinesiology Today journal here.


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