Dr. Dane Cook Receives Bucky’s Best Advisor Award!

The annual Bucky Awards are meant to showcase the amazing contributions that members of UW-Madison have made to our campus and our community. Individuals must be nominated for the Best Advisor award which recognizes those who excel in guiding their students and/or organization to success. Nominees must provide a welcoming, inclusive, and enthusiastic environment to all, as well as positively challenge and support others to achieve an overall goal or mission.

Out of 200 applications, Dr. Dane Cook was selected by the Bucky’s Awards Ceremony team as the recipient of the Best Advisor Award! The Kinesiology department is very proud that one of our own was selected to receive this award. Dane would like to note that, “Working with the talented, intellectually curious and ambitious graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology is the most gratifying and fulfilling obligation of being a Professor at UW-Madison. This award is as much for them as it is for me.”

On behalf of Kinesiology- Congratulations, Dane!! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the department, your colleagues, and your students!