PE at home during Covid-19

As schools remain shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are needing to find new creative ways to keep their children active without typical physical education classes. Physical activity is so important because it is “a medium through which children develop mental and behavioral proficiencies, like self-respect and respect for others. Standard learning outcomes for PE courses emphasize that physical activity should develop a child’s value for health, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.”

Cindy Kuhrasch, Program Coordinator for the Physical Education Teacher Education program, sees these new circumstances as an opportunity to showcase the full potential that PE can have in children’s lives. PE courses can have a huge impact outside of physical fitness, and physical education should teach to the whole child. Parents need to play too! This time also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to engage with their children and assume the role of playmate rather than teacher. Consider activities that both parent and child would enjoy participating in! It’s more fun when everyone is having a good time!

PE at home target throwing

Posted by UW Madison PE on Friday, April 17, 2020

To help parents come up with ideas, Kuhrasch, her colleagues, and students are updating the UW-Madison physical education teacher education program’s Facebook page regularly to provide free resources and inspiration for staying active at home. (Check it out at:

Cindy’s campaign to find creative ways to stay active at home and provide resources to families has also been discussed in the American Kinesiology Association’s Kinesiology Today. Read the article here or the full newsletter here.

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