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Research Areas-Faculty

The following areas reflect the rich research being conducted at the UW-Madison Occupational Therapy Program

Ruth Benedict 

  • Access To and Quality of Therapy and Support Services for Children
  • Epidemiology of Functional Limitations Among Children with Special Needs
  • Outcomes of Neurosurgical and Therapy Interventions for Children with Motor Limitations
Dorothy Edwards
  •  Effects of Cognitive Impairment on Occupational Performance/Aging, Stroke, and Alzheimer's Disease
Elizabeth Larson
  • Occupation, Caregiving and Well Being

Karla Ausderau

  • Families and children with autism spectrum disorder

Kristen Pickett

  • Parkinson Disease Registry
  • Wolfram Syndrome Research at Washinton University in St. Loouis

Brittany Travers

  • Motor Development and Corresponding Functional Skills in Individuals with Autism
  • Neuroimaging of Brain Development in Individuals with Austism
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