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Fieldwork sites

The OT Program works with many fieldwork sites, contracted with the University of Wisconsin's Board of Regents, in order to give our students valuable and practical experiences with quality mentors. The UW OT Program is thankful to the many excellent fieldwork educators for their dedication to the training of the MSOT students. The list of level II fieldwork sites is subject to change. Please view the fieldwork sites organized by practice area (PDF).

Faculty partners

Our faculty partner with many organizations and institutions both on and off campus:

Karla Ausderau, Ph.D., OTR
Waisman Center 
Sensory Experiences Project, School of Medicine, UNC at Chapel Hill

Debbie Bebeau, MS, OTR
Wellness Clinics-partnered with UW-Madison Pharmacy and Nursing
Young Stroke Survivors Group with Meriter Hospital
Life Skills Groups with Cornucopia Inc.
Life Skills Groups with UW Hospital Mental Health

Ruth Benedict, Dr. P.H., OTR
Waisman Center
Population Health Sciences
Bio Pop Group (subgroup of Population Health)
Global Health Initiative
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Dorothy Edwards, Ph.D.
Institute on Aging
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Center for Urban and Population Health

Elizabeth Larson, Ph.D., OTR

Global Health Initiative
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Biotechnology Center
Bio Pop Group
Engineering at UW
Mathematics at UW

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