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OT Faculty Publications

Karla Ausderau, Ph.D., OTR/L

Juarez, M., Bartling, K., Ehlers, K., Rego, A., Rusin, T., & Ausderau, K.K. (2014). Let’s Go Out to Eat! Creating a Sensory-Friendly Dining Experience for Children With ASDs and Their Families. OT Practice.

Ausderau, K., & Juarez, M. (2013). The Impact of Au­tism Spectrum Disorder on Family Mealtimes. ICAN: Infant Child and Adolescent Nutrition. 5(5), 315-323.

Bartling, K., & Ausderau, K. (2013). When it’s okay to play with your food: Providing sensory experiences around mealtimes for children with gastrostomy tubes. OT Practice, 18(12), 12-17.

Ausderau, K., Sideris, J., Furlong, M., Little, L.M., Bulluck, J., & Baranek, G.T. (2013). Survey of Sensory Features in Children with ASD: Factor Structure of the Sensory Experience Questionnaire (3.0). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. pp. 1-11.

Patten, E., Ausderau, K., Watson, L., & Baranek, G.T. (2013). Sensory Response Patterns in Nonverbal Children with Autism. Autism Research and Treatment.

Ausderau, K. K., Furlong, M., Sideris, J., Bulluck, J., Little, L. M., Watson, L. R., ... & Baranek, G. T. (2014). Sensory subtypes in children with autism spectrum disorder: latent profile transition analysis using a na­tional survey of sensory features. Journal of Child Psy­chology and Psychiatry.

Little, L. M., Sideris, J., Ausderau, K.K., & Baranek, G. T. (2014). Activity Participation Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68(2), 177-185.

Patten, E., Ausderau, K.K., Watson, L., & Baranek, G.T. (2013). Sensory features in nonverbal children with autism. Autism Research & Treatment. (2013) doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/436286

Baranek, G.T., Little, L.M., Parham, D.L., Ausderau, K.K., & Sabatos-Devito, M. (2014). Sensory Features in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Chapter 16). In & F. Volkmar, R. Paul, K. Pelphrey & Rogers, S. (eds.), Handbook of Autism (4th Edition). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 378-408.

Ruth Benedict, Dr. P.H., OTR

Christensen, D., Van Naarden Braun, K., Doernberg, N., Maenner, M.J., Arneson, C.L., Durkin, M.S., Benedict, R.E., Kirby, R.S., Wingate, M.S., Fitzgerald, R., & Yeargin-Allsopp, M. (2014). Prevalence of Cerebral Palsy, Co-Occurring Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Motor Functioning—Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, US, 2008. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 56(1), 59-65. doi: 10.1111/ dmcn.12268. Epub 2013 Oct 1.

Andrews, M., Bolt, D.M., Braun, M., & Benedict, R. (2013). Measuring Exertion during Caregiving of Children and Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy Who Require Assistance for Mobility and Self-care. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. 33(3), 300-312.

Dorothy Edwards, Ph.D.

Morrison MT, Giles GM, Ryan JD, Baum CM, DRom­erick AW, Polatajko HJ, Edwards, DF. Multiple Errands Test–Revised (MET–R): A Performance-Based Measure of Executive Function in People With Mild Cerebrovascu­lar Accidents. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2013. 67: 460-468.

Ovbiagele, B, Wing JJ, Menon RS, Burgess RE, Gibbons MC, Sobotka I, German L, Edwards DF, Kidwell CS. As­sociation of Chronic Kidney Disease With Cerebral Mi­crobleeds in Patients With Primary Intracerebral Hemor­rhage. Stroke. 2013. 44; 2409-2413.

Edwards DF, Menon RS, Fokar, A, Gibbons MC, Wing JJ, Sanchez B, Kidwell CS. Recruitment of Black Subjects for a Natural History Study of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2013 24: 27-35.

In Press

Boden-Albala B, Edwards, DF , St Clair S., Wing JJ, Fer­nandez; S, Gibbons MC, Amie Hsia, AW, Kidwell CS. Methodology for a Community Based Stroke Prepared­ness Intervention: The ASPIRE Study. Stroke.

Boden-Albala B. Carman H. Southwick L, Quarles L, Waddy S. Edwards DF. Where Do We Go From Here? Examining Barriers and Challenges to Recruitment and Retention in Neurological Clinical Trials. Neurology.

Morrison MT, Edwards DF, Giles GG. Performance Based Testing in Mild Stroke: Identification of Unmet Need for Occupational Therapy. American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Okonkwo OC, Oh JL, Schultz SA, Larson J, Edwards DF, Cook D, Koscik R, Gallagher CA, Carlsson CM, Dowling NM, Bendlin BB, LaRue A, Rowley HA, Christian BT, Asthana S, Hermann BP, Johnson SC, Sager MA. Physical Activity Attenuates Age-Related Biomarker Alterations in Preclinical AD. Neurology..

Young BM, Nigogosyan Z, Walton LM, Nair VA, Edwards DF, Williams J, Prabhakaran V. Case Report: Post-Stroke Interventional Rehabilitation Therapy Using a Closed-Loop Neurofeedback Device to Address an Acquired Motor Disability in an Individual with Preex­isting Sensorineural Disability. Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Song, J, Young BM, Nigogosyan Z, Walton L, Nair VA, Grogan SW, Tyler M, Edwards DF, Sattin J, Williams J, Prabhakaran V. Changes in Functional Brain Orga­nization and Behavioral Correlations after Rehabilita­tion Therapy Using Brain Computer Interface. Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Elizabeth Larson, Ph.D., OTR

Larson, E., & Miller-Bishoff, T. (2014). Family Routines Within the Ecological Niche: An Analysis of Psychologi­cal Well-Being of U.S. Caregivers of Children with Dis­abilities. Frontiers in Psychology, (pp. 495).

Larson, E.A. (2013). Ethics in Occupational Therapy Research. In J. Scott & M. Reitz (Eds). Applications for the Occupational Therapy Ethics Standards: Case Studies, AOTA, Bethesda, MD

Larson, E. (2013). TOTA Keynote Lecture: Bridging from clinic to home: Occupation-based family-centered practice. Journal of Taiwan Occupational Therapy Research and Practice. 31, 7-29.

Jean Patz MS, OTR and Sharon Gartland MS, OTR

Patz, J.A., & Gartland, S.G. (2013). Fine Motor Development. In Stephen R. Hooper; Warren Umansky (Eds.), Young Children with Special Needs, 6th ed.. Pearson.

Gartland, S.G., & Patz, J.A. (2013). Self-Care Skills. In Stephen Hooper and Warren Umansky (Eds.), Young Children with Special Needs, 6th Ed.. Pearson.
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