Letter from the director Ruth Benedict for 2016 OT Matters

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Letter from the Director

Welcome to the eighth edition of “OT Matters.” Our title resonates with happenings in our broader culture and world. The movement to build an equitable and just society is challenging the OT Program to identify new avenues of inclusion and new ways of teaching that meet the needs of students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Ruth BenedictWe are being challenged by shifting paradigms in public education and significant changes in the way that education is financed, governed and delivered to students. As occupational therapists our expertise in adapting to life changes serves us well. Our program remains strong due to the adaptability, strengths and growing diversity of our students, faculty and alumni, their willingness to push the Program to grow in new directions and their commitment to the profession.

In this newsletter you will read about the current work and accomplishments of people who matter to the OT Program — the alumni, preceptors, friends, students and faculty who contribute in so many ways. Visit our Facebook page for additional photos and news.

Perhaps like me, when asked about your work, you often hear the story of a friend or family member who has benefitted from the skills of an occupational therapist. OT matters to the lives of people of diverse ages, abilities, ethnicities, and cultures who depend on our profession to overcome health or educational challenges.

There is a sense of pride in knowing that many of you providing valued OT services are former students trained at UW–Madison. These are exciting and challenging times. Your support of the program continues to be critical to our success. We hope to see you in Madison, at WOTA or at the next AOTA Alumni Party in Philadelphia.

On, Wisconsin!

– Ruth Benedict

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