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Sequence of Classes

Students are admitted to the program for classes beginning in early June. All students must enroll in Anatomy 622-Human Anatomy for Physical and Occupational Therapy Students on the UW-Madison campus during the summer of the first year.

The program length consists of one summer session, four academic semesters (fall & spring) and 6 months of fieldwork. Throughout the 2.5 years, the curriculum follows a specified sequence which is outlined below. Completion of 61 credits is required, and students are encouraged to enroll in elective courses related to occupational therapy during their residence in the program.

Summer Year 1-Admission to the Program Credits
ANAT 622 Human Anatomy (with cadaver labs & OT Discussion Section) 6
Fall Year I
ANAT 637, Functional Neuroanatomy 3
OT 610 Professional Skills I: Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy 2
OT 620 Occupation-Based Theory and Practice 2
OT 629 Medical Lectures 2
OT 671 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy I: Evidence-Based Practice 2
Spring Year I
OT 611 Professional Skills II: Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in Occupational Therapy 2
OT 621 Assessment of Occupational Participation 3
OT 622 Infant and Childhood Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions 4
OT 625 Level I Fieldwork: Infants and Children 1
OT 672 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy II: Methods of Inquiry 2
Fall Year 2
OT 612 Professional Skills III: Organization and Management in Occupational Therapy Practice 3
OT 623 Adolescent and Young Adult Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions 4
OT 626 Level I Fieldwork: Adolescents and Young Adults 1
OT 673 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy III: Data Collection and Analysis 3
Spring Year 2
OT 613 Professional Skills IV: Community-Based Occupational Therapy Practice 2
OT 624 Middle and Late Adulthood Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions 4
OT 627 Level I Fieldwork: Adults and Elders 1
OT 674 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy IV: Scientific Writing for Publication 2
Level II Fieldwork Courses
OT 662 First 12-week Level II fieldwork assignment 6
OT 664 Second 12-week Level II fieldwork assignment 6
Total (not including electives) 61

Program Tuition per Semester

  WI Resident Non-Resident Minnesota
Summer 2012 (6 credits) $2,845.28 $6,284.84 $3,774.24
Fall 2012 (full time) $5,919.40 $12,582.84 $7,840.68

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Occupational Therapy Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), 4720 Montgomery Lane, P.O. Box 31220, Bethesda, MD  20824-1220, telephone (301) 652-AOTA (2682). Rates current as of 1/1/2013.

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