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Unit II Gym
2000 Observatory Dr.
MadisonWI  53706-1121

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Robert Lin-I Yu

Profile Photo

Robert Lin-I Yu

Senior Lecturer


1041 Gymnasium-Natatorium  binoculars icon
2000 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI. 53706
Office: 608/262-6861


Personal Biography

Trained with traditional masters in Taiwan in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Chinese Martial Arts. Practicing and teaching for over 45 years.


MA, International Relations/Political Science
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, California

BA, International Relations/Political Science, Graduated with Honors
Hamline University
St. Paul, Minnesota



Research Interests

Published articles in Chinese Martial Arts in The Journal of Asian Martial Arts and other journals. Collaborated with Boxing Coach Bob Lynch in an article comparing American boxing and Chinese Hsing-I.

Grants and Sponsorships

  • Amount: $4,390.00, "Self Defense Equipment," Awarded By: Virginia Horne Henry, Sponsor Type: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Robert L. Yu, Principal.
    Abstract: Previously this class had been taught without equipment. Acquiring the necessary self defense equipment enabled the students to experience and practice realistic defense scenarios


  • Converse, A.K. (2014). Tai Chi training reduces self-report of inattention in healthy young adults. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.
    Online Publication/Abstract
    Abstract: Student were recruited from my University Tai Chi classes in collaboration with the Waisman Center, Center for the Investigation of the Healthy Mind.
  • Yu, R.L. (2012). Baguazhang. Asian Marital Arts. Santa Fe, NM.: Via Media Publishing.
  • Yu, R.L. (2009). Xiong Style Taiji in Taiwan: Historical Development & A Photographic Expose Featuring Master Lin Jianhong. Journal of Asian Martial Arts. vol 18(no. 3), p18-39.
    Online Publication/Abstract
    Abstract: Robert Yu is cited as a major contributor to the research for this article on Tai Chi Chuan and providing over 100 photographs
  • Yu, R.L. (2002). Hong Yixiang and Five Fists Xingyi Boxing in Old Taipei. Journal of Asian Martial Arts. Vol. 11(No. 3), p. 66-83.
    Abstract: A Story about my teacher and my experience training with one of Taiwan's famous masters
  • Yu, R.L. (2001). "American Boxing and Chinese Xingyi: A Comparison". Journal of Asian Martial Arts. vol 10(Number 3), p64-75.
    Online Publication/Abstract
    Abstract: An article comparing Eastern and Western boxing techniques done with the help of noted Madison and former UW boxing trainer, Bob Lynch fo Ford's Gym, Madison
  • Yu, R.L. (1995). An Introduction to Tang Shou Tao: Internal Martial Arts. Pa Kua Journal. vol 5(no. 4).
    Abstract: Recognized as a student of Tang Shou Tao's founder Hung I-Hsiang and acknowledged as a teacher of the art.
  • Yu, R.L. (1971). "Martial Arts of China". Echo Magazine: Of Things Chinese. pp. p20-26.
    Abstract: Journal on Chinese traditions and culture. Article on Chinese Martial Arts tradition


  • Yu, R.L., Presenter Only (2004). Hsing-I/Ba Gua Zhang, Workshop in Chinese Marital Arts, Twin City Tai Chi Center, St.Paul, MN.
  • Yu, R.L., Presenter Only Self Defense and Assault Prevention, Badger Watch, University of Wisconsin Police Department, Memorial Union.

Awards and Honors

  • Mural
    Organization: Wilmar Community Center
    Purpose: Exhibit - Art Leadership
    Scope: Local
    Description: 2004--Madison Muralist Sharon Kilfoy painted a community mural on the side of the Wilmar Community Center in which I am depicted in a Martial Art pose with my students. I have taught Martial Arts in this Near Eastside Community Center since 1974
  • Plaque of Appreciation
    Organization: United States Kuoshu Federation, North Region
    Purpose: Exhibit - Performance
    Scope: Regional
    Description: Head Coach and Demonstrator, for regional Chinese Martial Arts competition: Form demonstration and Mixed Martial Arts tournament, Alliant Center, Madison. 2009, 2008, 2006
  • Received a Black Sash in Chinese Martial Arts from Hung I-Hsiang, Taipei, Taiwan, 1972
    Organization: Tang Shou Tao School
    Purpose: Teaching
    Scope: International
    Description: "An Introduction to Tang Shou Tao: Internal Martial Arts, "Pa Kua Chang Journal, by Dan Miller. Vol 5. No. 4, May/June 1995. p. 3. Recognized as a student of Tang Shou Tao"s founder Hung I-Hsiang and acknowledged as a teacher of the art.
  • Received a Master's Red Stripe in Chinese Martial Arts from Master Hung I- Hsiang, Taipei, Taiwan in 1985
    Organization: Tang Shou Tao School
    Purpose: Teaching
    Scope: International
  • Virginia Horne Henry Grant
    Purpose: Teaching
    Scope: UW Madison
    Description: I received a grant from the Virginia Horne Henry in 2005, $4390 for self defense equipment; significantly upgrading this class offering.


  • Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society
    Scope of Organization: National, Member Since: 1966

The following is a representative sample of media contributions.

"Self defense for Women," CBS, 2008.
Television, Local, Andy Choi,
Featured story on self defense techniques for women

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