Alumni updates for the 2015 On the Move

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Alumni Updates for Fall 2015 On the Move


James Horsfall — BS 1949
James, who majored in physical education and was a member of the men’s basketball team, reports that “restoration of streams and woodlands in agricultural areas has interested me for years” and an “opportunity and perceived need existed in western Grant County where I was born and grew up.” James has contributed grant money over several years to the River Ridge School District for the planting of trees along State Hwy. 35 — the Blakes Fork Creek between Bloomington and Patch Grove, Wisconsin – which is along a portion of the Great River Road. The school accepted the funds and through the efforts of Mr. Kory Stalsberg, one of the teachers at the RRHS, a program for this purpose was established. Another project, James reports, was the purchase and lease of a 40-acre farm to his grandson to establish an organic vegetable farm — Square Roots Farm in Fall River, Wisconsin.


Marilyn Grabin Putz – BS 1954
Marilyn taught high school and junior high school physical education in Highland Park, Ill., San Mateo, Calif., Madison and Denver for many years, after which she received a master’s in Individual and Family Counseling. She now works for an animal hospital as a pet loss counselor. Marilyn writes: “Majoring in physical education (in good old Lathrop Hall) was one of the most fun, challenging and meaningful experiences of my life. I took away an endless amount of skills, both mental and physical and would never trade that for anything.”


Beryl Greenspon Levine – BS 1963
Beryl taught physical education for two years at a middle school in Palatine, Ill. She married in 1965 and has three children who are now grown and have children of their own. She is a grandmother to four boys. Beryl worked at Lincoln Park Zoo for over 12 years in the retail shops. Now retired and divorced, she volunteers at a no kill animal shelter working with dogs. Over the past 20 years she has traveled to countries all over the globe. Beryl writes: “My very favorite destination was Antarctica and also my favorite place on earth. Other destinations were China, Norway, Iceland, Canada, So. Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Alaska. Life is good!”

Konstance Klumpar McCaffree – BS 1964
Konstance taught physical education and biology for the first few years in Illinois, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania before completing her Ph.D. at New York University in sexual health education. She taught junior and senior high sexual health for many years and also prepared teachers for teaching in the University of Pennsylvania Department of Education, as well as beginning a program in preparing teachers at Widener University. Now retired from active teaching in the classroom, Konstance does adjunct work at Widener and is a supervisor for those seeking certification from the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists in sexuality education. She currently serves as the president of AASECT and just completed two terms of the presidency cycle with the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

William F. Straub – Ph.D. 1966
After earning his doctoral degree, William worked as a physical education teacher and coach in Saugerties, N.Y. He then spent a couple of years at The New York State Education Department as an associate in physical education and recreation. He also was the associate dean of HPER at SUNY Cortland, followed by 24 years of teaching and research at Ithaca College. At one point, William returned to Madison after being away for 20 years and did a post-doc with Professor William Morgan in 1988 in sport psychology. Now in retirement, he has a small private practice in sport psychology.


Doris Debra Berndt – BS 1972
Doris retired from her position as director of WEA Professional Development Academy and is currently living in Fitchburg, Wis.

Kathy Tritschler — BS 1972
After 30 years of teaching exercise science courses, Kathy retired this past June as a full professor from the Department of Sport Studies at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. Kathy and her wife, Eliza, plan to remain in the Greensboro area. In retirement, they will be doing lots of kayaking, bicycling and lap swimming!

Christine Ann Gowey – BS 1978
Christine is celebrating the publication of her first children’s book, “Zip and Zap Take A Nap.” The book explores adrenal fatigue in an illustrated format that captures the imagination, making it easy for kids and parents to understand and discuss. Her second book, “Moranda and the Mountain” takes Moranda and her friend Corky on an adventure to a magical, purple, crystal mountain. Both books are available on Amazon.


Dan Benson — BS 1982
Dan is starting his 33rd year as a high school teacher and coach at Homestead High School in Mequon, Wis. He also serves as the department chair for health and physical education.

Jack Edwards – BS 1982
After four years working as an RN clinical coordinator in Asheville, N.C., Jack returned to Florida in May of 2015. He is currently the administrator of The Cape Coral Surgery Center and The Lee Island Coast Surgery Center.

Margaret Lechner – MS 1983
Margaret is in and out of prison a lot facilitating AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) workshops. She also works in local communities and with AVP International.

Kristin Lynn Skarie – BS 1984
Kristin sailed with the Summer 2014 Semester at Sea Voyage as a Resident Director along with 449 college students, 103 family and life long learners, 68 faculty/staff and over 100 dedicated ship crew. They visited 11 port cities in Europe and Scandinavia. Students worked on nine credits of academic classes, lectures, field labs and independent study via the academic sponsor, the University of Virginia. While on the voyage, Kristin was a TEDx speaker in Helsinki, Finland, sharing her story of a year-long experiment to buy nothing new with the exception of food and other consumables. In addition to running her higher education consulting company Teamworks, Kristin shares tips to take better care of your corner of the planet to have a more simple and abundant life. These tips are based on her book, “A Year of Nothing New — Tools for Living Lean and Green.” Kristin is also wrapping up her eighth year as a Pencil Partner Volunteer with the Rochester City School District to teach fourth graders how to build community and self-confidence in their classroom.

Sue Shattuc — MS 1987
Sue is currently a freelance grant writer, writing grants for a variety of needs — technology, arts, education and social services to name a few. Since graduating, Sue has worked in cardiac rehab settings across the country, managed a department at The National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis where she did human performance testing for individuals ranging from weekend warriors to international Olympic and professional athletes. In Seattle, she was a research coordinator for a nuclear cardiology physician investigator at the University of Washington before moving to Portland, Ore. where she currently resides

Theodore Hirschfeld – BS 1987
Theodore served as head AT for Team USA during the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships held in Cali, Colombia in July 2015. He currently works as an athletic trainer for Carolina Family Practice and Sports Medicine at Duke University Health System.


Dr. Richard L Hruby Jr. – BS 1994
Dr. Hruby owns his own chiropractic business, Hruby Chiropractic Wellness. He is passionate about helping those in both the Greenfield and Waukesha communities through not only creating individualized wellness plans, but also in conducting a variety of Corporate 8 Weeks to Wellness Presentations for local employers who are looking to reduce health care costs. Furthermore, Dr. Hruby also works with civic groups and places of worship to help with fund-raising events. In his spare time, Dr. Hruby enjoys a variety of recreational activities including golfing, distance running, tennis and coaching youth hockey.

Nancy Getchell – MS 1989, Ph.D. 1996
Nancy was promoted to full professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.


Stephanie Fall – BS 2006
Stephanie was the District 4 recipient of the 2015 Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award. She also organized and presented at continuing education events for “Emergency Review in Athletics: Appropriate Care of the Spine Injured Athlete” in Hudson, Wis., and “Concussion Management: Evaluation, Treatment, and Return To Play” in Stillwater, Minn.

William Adams – BS 2009
William is in the final year of his doctoral studies in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. His upcoming dissertation is focusing on the effects of ad libitum versus prescribed fluid replacement on performance and recovery after exercise-induced dehydration. For the upcoming academic year, he will be continuing his work as the Director of Sport Safety Policies for the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI), where he oversees efforts to assist high school athletics/activities associations adopt and implement evidence-based best practice recommendations for sport safety. Within the past year, William has also published four book chapters in edited books on topics related to both exertional heat stroke and cold-induced injuries. He also has published seven peer reviewed articles.

Laura Slowinske – BS 2009
Laura earned her doctorate of physical therapy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013 and has been working as an orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for two years.


Daniel Dwyer – BS 2010
Daniel is attending Boston University School of Medicine.

Anthony Gutierrez –- MS 2010
Anthony is currently a practicing prosthetist in the northwest Indiana area. He specializes in outcomes-based care and amputee limb health within a prosthesis. Anthony currently serves on a committee to push utilization of outcome measures across the field.

Hannah Carimi – MS 2013
After graduating with her master’s, Hannah earned her international MBA from Tel Aviv University. She is the founder and CEO of BrideFIT, an internet-based personal training company helping brides effectively and healthily get into their dream wedding shape. Hannah writes: “I love my company and being able to work internationally and knowing that my coaches and I are making a global difference in the way people see health.”

Cory Munden – BS 2013
Cory is beginning medical school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Mac Weninger – BS 2014
Mac is currently attending the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Keith Thraen Borowski – Ph.D. 2015
After finishing his Ph.D., Keith became affiliated with the department of Kinesiology as a postdoc in Lisa Cadmus-Bertram’s Physical Activity Epidemiology laboratory.

Amy Odendahl — BS 2015
Amy just moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where she is beginning her doctoral program in physical therapy at Des Moines University.

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