Red Cross Certification Tips

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Tips for Red Cross Certification


There are two courses required for a Kines 116 substitution:

  1. CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers (being phased out by the Red Cross)
    Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (being phased in by the Red Cross)
  2. First Aid


Below are several things to keep in mind when searching, signing up for, and submitting a certification course in place of Kines 116.


General Tips 

  • If you have a certification through another body, send a copy to either your advisor, or the Undergraduate Office. It is possible that it would count as an equivalent course.
  • DO NOT wait until the last month of your final semester to complete these. This could cause you to be ineligible to graduate.
  • Be sure your certification includes both adult and pediatric training.
  • This WILL NOT be accepted under any circumstances: American Academy of CPR and First Aid Certification.
    • Any certification that does not contain skills testing will also be denied.


Tips for Finding & Signing Up for the Proper Course

  • DO NOT sign up for any course other than the two mentioned above without checking with either your advisor or the Undergraduate Office. If you sign up for a course that you believe to be similar to the ones required and they are not considered sufficient, you will have to take the proper course in addition to any others that you have completed.
  • DO NOT go on the word of the Red Cross that a course is similar.  In the past, students have been advised by the Red Cross that a course they offered was similar to one the department requires. They have been rejected by the department because they were insufficient. Check with someone in the department before signing up for a different course.
  • If you are having difficulty finding the correct Red Cross course, here are a few search tips:
    • Do not use any filters.  Be sure that your search is "All Categories." If you attempt to narrow the search, the First Aid course has been known to be filtered out of the selection.
    • First Aid is only offered at the beginning of each month in the Madison area.

**Please contact the Undergraduate Office if you have followed these tips and are still unable to find the course.  We can help you look or recommend other potential classes. 


Courses that will NOT be Accepted

  • The Department will not accept the following courses as substitutions for Kines 116:
    • American Academy of CPR & First Aid
    • CPR Madison
    • Heartsaver CPR/AED from the American Heart Association
      • Heartsaver First Aid will ONLY be accepted if the written test has been completed.


Tips for Submitting Completed Certification

  • DO NOT assume that the Red Cross will send the department your certification. It is solely your responsibility to see to it that the department receives your certification.  You have two options:
    • You will receive one of two versions of certification paperwork: an electronic PDF, or a wallet sized card.  The PDF version can be forwarded to either your advisor or the Undergraduate Office.  The wallet sized card will need to be scanned, both sized, and then they can be sent via email to either your advisor or the Undergraduate Office.
    • Bring in your certification to the Undergraduate Office, Nat room 1001.  Copies of the certification will be made for you so that it can be submitted.
  • Once the Undergraduate office receives your certification it will be sent to your advisor for approval. After that it will proceed to the Undergraduate Coordinator for approval. Finally, it will be sent to the School of Education for a DARS update. Please be aware, this can take several weeks to months. Keep an eye on your DARS, and if the end of the semester that you turned in your certification arrives and it is still not up to date, please contact your advisor or the Undergraduate Office
  • Please note:  Certifications will not be submitted until are parts are complete. If you turn in a certification for one course, but have not completed the other, the department will not submit it for a DARS update until both the two parts mentioned at the top of this page has been completed.  Without both parts, it is not considered equivalent.


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